Prototype PCB Manufacture

Using our facility at Circuit Labs we are able to provide you with an efficient solution for small quantity printed circuit boards manufactured in the fastest lead times available.

Competitive pricing is achieved by combining several clients' designs on one manufacturing panel, sharing the tooling costs between them.  This is panel sharing on steroids!

Who uses PCB Zone?

Several of our OEM clients use our service for making just one or two boards prior to mass production. Some clients are electronics hobbyists getting some projects made quickly and easily.  We receive a number of orders from electronics students who are running behind on their projects and need a fast option to meet their deadlines.  

Corporate designers frustrated by off-shore options, delays and endless engineering questions, welcome our service when all they want to do is get their design manufactured.

     Rapid PCB Fabrication    2 - 6 Layers   Fast & Simple  Ordering Worldwide Shipping   100% Electrical Test

Who are Circuit Labs?

The team at Circuit Labs form a small yet efficient PCB manufacturing facility.

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, the company formed in 2010 to provide a fast quality service to local OEMs for their R&D and production requirments.  When it comes to very low volume prototypes however increasingly clients didn't always want a whole panel fabricated to test a design. The team at Circuit Labs have streamlined the production systems in order to deal with panel sharing.  

Panel sharing reduces the cost to the client, yet still providing a Minimum Order Value collectively.   The PCB Zone service was launched and is continuing to increase in popularity.

A very important part of Circuit Labs's mission is to support New Zealand and Australian inventors, product developers and OEMs. When time is critical we provide options to get their products to market quicker.

PCB Zone International


From 2010, PCB Zone started providing a service to the Australian electronics industry.  With a good reputation for delivery and quality, we have contiuned to grow in this market.  In 2014 we opened up our services to provide anyone in the world with an alternative to slower off-shore manufacturers.  

Although others may be cheaper, our fast response times and ability to be flexible means we take the lead on the fabriction of quick  turnround development PCBs.  On our fastest delivery your design can be at your door within 3-4 days, anywhere in the world.