Products & Services

Standard PCB Specifications

1.6mm FR4 Tg 140
1oz Copper 
White Component Ref.
PTH Slots
Routed profiles.
Flying Probe Test


Additional Products & Services

  • Electroformed Nickel SMT Stencils
  • Plastic, mechanical cut stencils
    ( Larger Footprint SMT Only )
  • Prototype Circuit Boards ( 1-6 Layer )
  • Space Models - Blank Drill / Rout Only
  • Front Panels  ( Screen Printed & Routed )
  • Copper or Unclad FR4
  • Dry Film Coated FR4 ( aka Riston Coated* )
  • CAM preparation & panelisation service
  • Test Fixture Drilling
  • Volume PCB Fix & Repair
  • Thermal Car Gaskets
  • Nickel Electroformed Encoder Wheels.

* Riston is a registered trademark of DuPont.

If you would like any more information on the above please don't hesitate to email us


Other products from PCB Zone
Small SMT Stencil

SMT Stencil 220mm x 142mm x 0.127mm

Medium SMT Stencil

SMT Stencil 283mm x 217mm x 0.127mm

Large SMT Stencil

SMT Stencil 436mm x 282mm x 0.127mm


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